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22 June, 2022

Information on Annual General Meeting of Eurobattery Minerals on 22 June 2022

Stockholm, 22 June 2022 – The Swedish mining company Eurobattery Minerals AB (Nordic Growth Market: BAT and Börse Stuttgart: EBM; in short: “EBM”, “Eurobattery” or “the Company”) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today. The following main resolutions were passed by the AGM:

Balance sheet and income statement

The AGM adopted the balance sheet and the income statement as well as the consolidated balance sheet and consolidated income statement for 2021.

Proposed appropriation of the company’s profit

The AGM resolved in accordance with the Board’s proposal that no dividend will be paid for the 2021 financial year and that profit for the year will be carried forward.

Discharge from liability

The AGM resolved to discharge the Board members and CEO from liability for their administration of the company for the 2021 financial year.

Election of Board members, Chairman and auditors

The AGM resolved to re-elect Board members Henrik Johannesson, Jan Olof Arnbom and Roberto García Martínez for the period until the end of the next AGM. The AGM resolved to re-elect Henrik Johannesson as Chairman of the Board.

The AGM re-elected Stein Karlsen as auditor for the period until the end of the next AGM.

Fees to the Board and auditors

The AGM resolved that fees of SEK 80,000 will be paid to the Board members except for the Chairman, and that SEK 250,000 will be paid to the Chairman.

It was resolved that fees to the auditor will be paid according to approved invoices.

Authorisation for issues by the Board

The AGM resolved to authorise the Board, on one or more occasions before the next AGM, applying or disapplying the preferential rights of shareholders, to resolve on new issues of shares, convertibles or warrants. Such new issues may take place in exchange for a cash payment, and with or without a provision on an issue in kind, offset or other conditions. Issues resolved on the basis of this authorisation are, as a maximum, to entail an increase in the number of shares of not more than 20% of the outstanding number of shares on the decision date increased by the number of shares that could be added by virtue of the convertibles and warrants outstanding on the decision date, but always within the limits for the share capital and number of shares applicable on the decision date. Market-based conditions are to apply to issues resolved on the basis of this authorisation.


For more detailed information about the resolutions passed, refer to the complete proposals available on the company’s website.

About Eurobattery Minerals

Eurobattery Minerals AB is a Swedish mining company listed on Swedish Nordic Growth Market (BAT) and German Börse Stuttgart (EBM). With the vision to make Europe self-sufficient in responsibly mined battery minerals, the company’s focus is to realize numerous nickel-cobalt-copper projects in Europe to supply critical raw materials and, as such, power a cleaner world.

Please visit for more information. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

Contact Eurobattery Minerals AB

Roberto García Martínez – CEO


Contact Investor Relations

Linda Lenz

Phone: +49 (0) 172 834 18 92



Augment Partners AB is the mentor to Eurobattery Minerals AB: Phone: +46 (0) 86 042 255, e-mail:

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Report from the annual general meeting in Eurobattery Minerals AB

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