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Corporate Governance

Eurobattery Minerals is a mining company focusing on the exploration and development of the minerals nickel, cobalt and copper for the growing electric vehicle market in Europe. The company has ongoing projects in Finland and Spain.

Our understanding of good Corporate Governance

Mining is a very sophisticated and high-technology industry and holds the key to the technological development for the real green revolution.

Eurobattery Minerals has a clear vision: helping Europe become 100% self-sufficient in critical battery minerals. In order to reach this target, we have to take responsibility for our business activities and guarantee full transparency to all our stakeholders.

The responsibility for good corporate governance at Eurobattery Minerals lies with the Management Team. The Core of our Management Team consists of Roberto Garcia Martinez, CEO, and Member of the Board, and Mattias Moden, Financial Controller. The CEO is the main responsible for the ethical tone and ensuring the respect and implementation of the Company┬┤s values. For us, good corporate governance means being compliant with national and international laws and regulations, communicating regularly with internal and external stakeholders, and being transparent along the entire supply chain.

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