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Eurobattery Minerals is a mining company focusing on the exploration and development of the minerals nickel, cobalt and copper for the growing electric vehicle market in Europe. The company has ongoing projects in Finland and Spain.

Sustainable Mining for a greener Future

As a mining company, we at Eurobattery Minerals are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and local communities. That´s why, for us, doing business responsibly is anchored in our corporate culture. Our focus lies on ethical sourcing and full traceability of the critical minerals, from exploration to the mining phase. For Eurobattery Minerals, acting sustainably involves planning its activities with respect for the environmental aspects and carrying the social responsibility for all employees and the people who live and work near mining sites. Our vision is to help Europe become self-sufficient in ethical and fully traceable battery minerals for the electric vehicle industry. We want to provide Europe with critical raw minerals that are responsibly mined in Europe. This is our contribution to a cleaner world!

As a mining company, our environmental and social responsibility entails our moral obligation to achieve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals that also serve as our guidelines for the implementation of our concept of sustainability:

Offering a green product for the clean energy transition.

Offering a safe, fair and healthy workplace; creating job opportunities.

Using technologies in production with low environmental impact.

Minimizing impact on water, air and ecosystems.

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